Who is Sound Boy Beats?

Sound Boy Beats

Music Producer / Internet Marketer / Entrepreneur

SoundBoyBeats.com is the best place for buying original Hip Hop Beats, Trap Beats, Rap Beats, RnB Beats and EDM Instrumentals. Sound Boy Productions consists of a team of music producers and professional audio engineers who’ve worked with independent and major recording artists worldwide. Sound Boy Productions was created by Terrence “Sound Boy” Mewborn and his team of music producers. You can purchase our beats as full-length “Radio-Ready” instrumental songs.

SoundBoyBeats.com specializes in Hip Hop, Trap, RnB and EDM music productions, and has a great collection of instrumental beats to be used for aspiring artists, established artists, record companies, music supervisors and other music entertainment entities including other music producers, themselves. If you need original tracks, or a music producer to produce your demo CDs and album then SoundBoyBeats.com is for you!

SoundBoyBeats.com licenses its instrumental music productions to aspiring artists, but also productions for flash, music for web pages, and background music for websites, as well. Also, you can use SoundBoyBeats.com Productions in “slide shows, radio and television programming, films, commercials, promos, multimedia presentations, documentaries, training videos, music-on-hold, in-flight services, and computer programs. SoundBoyBeats.com also specializes in music production for buyout, royalty free production music, production music CD s, multimedia production music library.

SoundBoyBeats.com has two types of music productions sold: Non-exclusive Beats and Custom exclusive Beats. Non-exclusive Beats are to be used mainly for demo CD purposes and are not exclusive to one buyer only. Custom Beats are to be used mainly for artists’ album projects, singles, film soundtracks, etc. where the buyer of an Custom beat is the sole owner of that beat and has the right to use it for commercial purposes such as record sales and radio broadcasting. If you need blazin’ hot Hip Hop beats for your demo CD, talent show, or emcee contest then SoundBoyBeats.com is for you! If you’re an established artist or record company in need of putting together a professional album then SoundBoyBeats.com is for you too!